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Get guided by expert commercial architects for your next architectural venture.

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Best Way to Hire an Architect | How to Shortlist Architects | Hiring Architects - FAQs

Get guided by expert commercial architects for your next architectural venture.

Here's a list of Texas architects with their license information, ratings, and project information. Find top architects in Texas on Archicheq. Sign up for a user profile to communicate directly with the architect of your choice.

Texas Architects

Commercial Architect

Brinn Miracle

0 Reviews

Average Rating: 0.0

Houston ,Texas

No Review given to this architect

Residential Architect

Paul Merrill

0 Reviews

Average Rating: 0.0

Dallas ,Texas

No Review given to this architect


Kenneth Adam Newberry

0 Reviews

Average Rating: 0.0


No Review given to this architect


Brad Jay Nelsen

0 Reviews

Average Rating: 0.0


No Review given to this architect


John B Murphy

0 Reviews

Average Rating: 0.0


No Review given to this architect


Richard E Munson

0 Reviews

Average Rating: 0.0


No Review given to this architect

Best Way to Hire an Architect

If you’re looking for an architect, then you can follow these steps to find architects with the right skills.

Create Project & Get Proposals

Post a project with a brief of your requirement and some images. This will attract proposals from architects near you.

Find Architects & Firms

Review architectural bids you receive on your project, or search this Architect directory to find architects near you.

Explore Architect Profiles

You can study architect profiles--work experience, past projects, client ratings to find a suitable professional.

Hire an Architect

Connect with professionals directly on Archicheq to assess and hire an architect that can offer you value.

Pay Safely

Set up an Escrow account to pay for project milestones or in lump sum, ensuring safe payments.

Review Architect

Upon project completion, review your architect to build goodwill and help other clients make the right choice.

The best way to hire an architect is by comparing architects and the bids you receive for your design projects.

How to Shortlist Architects

To shortlist an architect for residential, commercial, renovation, remodeling and other design projects, here’re a few steps:

Location & License

Search by location of your project and license location of architects to find someone qualified to help you.

Work Experience

Study the work experience of your architects to identify the skills that you can leverage for your products.

Past Projects

Explore past projects for shortlisted architects to assess which architect can help you accomplish your design needs.

Rating & Reviews

Study client rating and reviews of shortlisted architects to find a professional that offers quality services.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with architects by sending them direct messages through Archicheq. This is your one stop to find the right professional.

Request Bids

Request bids from architects who seem like the right fit. No strings attached, get a quick service and price bid from architects.

Hiring Architects - FAQs

Here’re top questions clients have when they hire architects.

Benefits of Hiring Architects in Texas

Meeting the Client

Texas architects will interact with you, understand your requirement, lifestyle, family size, socializing needs, outdoor work, etc. This helps them work on the design of your building, home or office. Further, they share general advice with regard to cost, design, materials and challenges that they foresee.

Designing skills

You can find Texas architects who believe that successful designs evolve through collaboration with the client. Their design expertise will ensure the functionality of the design. They will prepare detailed working drawings and specifications for construction.


Texas architects are familiar with the paperwork and will help get all the permits and authorisations for executing the projects. They will also invite bids from contractors and help finalise on one.


Texas architects support clients till the end of the project. They coordinate with the others in the team and are often present on the site to oversee the work. They will negotiate for best materials and finishes. Architects help resolve all the day-to-day issues and doubts during construction.

Find Texas Architects on Archicheq

Filter Archicheq Directory by Texas Architects

You can get results for the best Texas architects on Archicheq’s online database. The Geo-filter feature of Archicheq allows you to customize your search for your particular area.

Filter Architects by Practice Area

For a small or big project, for a green design or remodelling a kitchen, whatever it is, Archicheq lists specialized architects for each area. So filter architects on Archicheq and look for Texas architects based on their specialization.

Find Architects with Suitable Experience/Qualifications

It's important to find an architect with experience, so Archicheq helps you to browse their profiles and check their previous work record. Find the best ones for your project.

Comparing Texas Architect Ratings

The idea is to find an architect who can interpret your dream project so it makes sense to check out ratings on Archicheq for Texas architects.

Connect with Architects for Design and Pricing

Texas architects are professionals who can guide you on all the aspects of design. Connect with the architects on Archicheq, try to figure out if their style and techniques suit your requirements. Choose the one you feel will make sure your project comes together as you want it to.

Review Texas Architects

You will also benefit from reading reviews of all the listed Texas architects before you make your choice. Moreover, you can also review the architect you hire, so that more people know about them.

Architecture in Texas

From Houston to Marfa and Austin to Dallas, the architecture in Texas is historic, unique and influenced from varied styles. The historic Main Plaza in San Antonio dates back to the early 1700s. It has large sidewalks, landscaping and grand fountains. The State Capital in Austin is an iconic building designed in the Renaissance Revival style. The reflected natural light through framed glass within the gallery spaces was a major influence for the design of Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The creative design of The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas is worth seeing. The cool, clean and modern style is reflected in the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre. There is no end to the inspiration and ideas that fill up the state.

Marketing for architects is also made easy on Archicheq, as it helps connect architects with users who are genuinely interested in hiring professionals for their projects.