Marketing for Architects

Why Create Your Profile? For Marketing & Sales!

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higher pay when working with clients directly

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5-star reviews

allows clients to find the right architect and ensures your design skill are rewarded

How to Make Sales and Find Clients

Architect Service sales are made easy through the effective marketing funnel created by Archicheq.

Attract Clients & Leads

Create a winning architect profile with details of past projects, skills, license information, and client reviews.

Explore Client Projects

Explore architectural projects posted by clients. These are qualified leads you can pitch business to.

Make Bids

Submit competitive bids for client projects. Interested clients will get in touch with you directly.

Make a Sale!

Make a persuasive case to convert leads into sales. Choose clients and projects that align with your vision.

Get Paid

Clients add the fee to an Escrow account. The fee is released on project completion.

Receive Reviews

Collect 5-star client reviews to attract new leads and clients for architectural projects near you.

The best way to hire an architect is by comparing architects and the bids you receive for your design projects.

Marketing Strategies for Architects & Firms

Creating inbound marketing strategies for architects is important when executing the above funnel. Here’s an outline on how to start your own architectural firm’s marketing efforts.

Define Vision & Mission

Define the vision and principles your business will strive to achieve—quality service, personalized solutions, cost-effectiveness.

Create a Brand Tone

Create a brand tone that will be followed across all your architecture marketing and advertising activities.

Brand Impact

Create an impactful Archicheq profile and online presence, showing the solutions you offer.

Community Goodwill

Engage clients, request reviews, and publish insightful articles/posts to build an online community and word-of-mouth.

Personalized Proposals

Send personalized online proposals and bids to clients on Archicheq to convert qualified leads.

Direct Communication

Archicheq allows direct communication between architects and clients, making the sales and marketing process straightforward.


Archicheq is changing the game for architects. Never has it been so easy to get and earn repeat design business!

— Young N., Architect, Queens, NY

Archicheq allows me the comfort of seeing past projects and reviews of the architects I hire, always ensuring the perfect fit!

— David B., Professional Engineer, Dayton, OH

Soon after claiming my profile, I was able to turn my listing into 10 new clients.

— Peter B. Design Professional, NYC