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Top 10 Architecture Job Application Tips

Top 10 Architecture Job Application Tips

30 November 2021

Architects looking for jobs generally look for options to join a firm or for freelance architecture jobs to work on. When applying for architecture jobs, there are certain things one can do to find suitable companies and positions to apply to and to make a strong case to be hired. In this guide to...

Top Habits of Successful Architects

Top Habits of Successful Architects

26 September 2021

Here’re top habits of successful architects from designing, client relationship, to operations. Read what traits make the good great. Project Management 1. Time management It’s important for architects to manage their time between designing, project and team management, and business o...

What is Minimalist Architecture

What is Minimalist Architecture?

13 September 2021

In this article, we will talk about the philosophy of minimalism and how it translates into application in architecture. In minimalistic designs, a lot of effort goes into conceptualisation, designing and pruning, so that the design is clean and meets the essential purpose of the users. Let’...

Best Architecture Quotes

Best Architecture Quotes

24 August 2021

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next architecture project or to get through your next assignment, here are some architecture quotes from famous leaders and architects of nations, buildings, schools of thoughts, and more. We have also tried to interpret these inspirational arch...

Money-making Side Hustles for Architects

13 July 2021

Architects and home designers can find various types of projects that they can work on to supplement their regular work.  Such money-making side hustles for architects can include gigs like creating a design of a house, helping clients get their designs approved, renovating a space, and adding...

Are You Looking For Freelance Architecture Jobs?

26 June 2021

Architects looking for side hustles and freelance projects can use the tips given in this article to find relevant clients and freelance architecture jobs. If you've come this far, you're fully aware of the numerous advantages of working as a freelancer.  It's time to take advantage of your s...