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Should I Hire an Architect or a Builder?

06 June 2021

Building a home is a thing that most people dream of, and they want to get everything right. We know that one of the most peculiar questions that you might come across is, should I use an architect or builder? The experts you work with is one variable that is essential for the result. You entrust...

Landscape Design Client Interview Questions

29 May 2021

People look up to professional landscape designers  to create innovative outdoor living spaces by overcoming all sorts of landscape challenges. Take time to prepare a landscape client questionnaire to understand your client’s requirements. This questionnaire will help you to put togeth...

Hiring an Architect Vs. Interior Designer

29 May 2021

Yet again, we are here, debating on the most discussed topic, ‘architectural designer vs. interior designer’ - who to hire and what role each plays in the process. It is essential to know the difference between architecture and interior design services if you intend to build or renovat...

Affordable, Low-Cost Architecture for a New Home

10 May 2021

We all have envisioned the perfect house for us at some point or another - we think we know what we want. But we stumble multiple times when it comes to coming up with a plan. We get confused with a multitude of options and designs, and the concern of running out of budget starts haunting us from da...

Internet Marketing for Architects

Guide to Internet Marketing for Architects

01 May 2021

The internet allows businesses to target clients across different stages of the buyer’s journey. In this article, we will discuss the mainstays of internet marketing for architects. You can jump to viewing architectural projects posts by clients, if you are looking for leads. Outline: A. Ma...

Best Architecture Books for Architects an Students

30 April 2021

Architecture is a creative career. The flash of an innovative and practical concept will come and pass, but perseverance often comes through the assistance of architectural books and design papers. The art of architecture remains alive, whether it's a boat, a house, a raft, or a campfire. It's only...