Architect Blogs

Top 15 Architecture Blogs, Magazines , Articles

11 April 2021

Architecture blogs, magazines, and journals are a tremendous source of inspiration and information, whether you are an architect, a designer, or just a passionate person for this industry. These architecture and interior design blogs usually offer tasteful polished content and showering lig...

Questions Architects Should Ask Clients

Top 35 Questions Architects Should Ask Clients

27 March 2021

What Questions Architects Should Ask Clients? This article highlights the top questions every architect should ask their client before starting to work on a project. This architect client questionnaire will help in effective planning and communication, besides enabling creation of a design that wil...

When to Hire an Architect - 15 Times You Need to

26 March 2021

Wondering when to hire an architect? Architects are trained professionals who can help you design houses and other buildings and they often oversee their construction. You can hire the services of a professional when you are buying, designing, renovating, remodeling, or making additions to a house, ...

Top 30 questions to ask an architect before hiring

10 February 2021

When you’re hiring an architect, you need to ask the right questions to ensure that you are getting value for money and that your project will be of good quality and in your budget. Here’s a list of questions to ask an architect when building a home or any other type of structure to cov...

Having a Healthy Architect Client Relationship

08 February 2021

One factor that is critical to the success of any construction or interior design project is a good architect-client relationship.  What is that one thing that can work like oxygen to breathe life into your project? If you ever discuss the success formula contributing to any famous architect-c...

How much does an architect cost?

How much does an architect cost?

27 December 2020

When we have a project that requires the expertise of a professional architect, one big question is, ‘how much does an architect cost?’ There is no simple answer to it, as every design, renovation and addition project is unique, and every professional has a different skill set and level...