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Get guided by expert commercial architects for your next architectural venture.

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Get guided by expert commercial architects for your next architectural venture.

Archicheq hosts the list of the best Florida architects with proper licenses. You can read reviews about top architects in Florida before hiring. Sign up for a user profile to communicate directly with the architect of your choice.

Florida Architects


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Michael T Alford

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Best Way to Hire an Architect

If you’re looking for an architect, then you can follow these steps to find architects with the right skills.

Create Project & Get Proposals

Post a project with a brief of your requirement and some images. This will attract proposals from architects near you.

Find Architects & Firms

Review architectural bids you receive on your project, or search this Architect directory to find architects near you.

Explore Architect Profiles

You can study architect profiles--work experience, past projects, client ratings to find a suitable professional.

Hire an Architect

Connect with professionals directly on Archicheq to assess and hire an architect that can offer you value.

Pay Safely

Set up an Escrow account to pay for project milestones or in lump sum, ensuring safe payments.

Review Architect

Upon project completion, review your architect to build goodwill and help other clients make the right choice.

The best way to hire an architect is by comparing architects and the bids you receive for your design projects.

How to Shortlist Architects

To shortlist an architect for residential, commercial, renovation, remodeling and other design projects, here’re a few steps:

Location & License

Search by location of your project and license location of architects to find someone qualified to help you.

Work Experience

Study the work experience of your architects to identify the skills that you can leverage for your products.

Past Projects

Explore past projects for shortlisted architects to assess which architect can help you accomplish your design needs.

Rating & Reviews

Study client rating and reviews of shortlisted architects to find a professional that offers quality services.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with architects by sending them direct messages through Archicheq. This is your one stop to find the right professional.

Request Bids

Request bids from architects who seem like the right fit. No strings attached, get a quick service and price bid from architects.

Hiring Architects - FAQs

Here’re top questions clients have when they hire architects.

Benefits of Hiring Architects in Florida

Preliminary Consultation

Florida architects have a preliminary consultation with the prospective client to get a brief of the project and provide general advice with regard to cost, design and relevant permission requirements and all other and approvals that may be required.

Design Stage

An architect’s expert touch is a must for any project. You may want renovation, remodelling, outdoor designing, at the design stage an architect is best for analysing a home and knowing how to transform it into your dream space. They will prepare initial drawings, share 3D visuals also for clients and finalise the design in coordination.

Tender and Paperwork

Architects help prepare tender documents and send them to selected contractors to get their cost estimates. A Florida architect can help analyze contractors' offers and finalize on one with the client. The necessary paperwork and permissions may also be facilitated by the architect.

Contract Administration

Carry out routine/periodic project site inspections to monitor the progress and quality of workmanship for compliance with regulations and the client’s requirements. They keep the client updated and keep a check on the financial aspect during the construction period.

Find Florida Architects on Archicheq

Filter Archicheq Directory by Florida Architects

The “Geo-filter” feature on Archicheq helps you to find architects near you. You get the benefit of customizing your search and get the best results for your particular city or region.

Filter Architects by Practice Area

You need the right Florida architect for your project and it’s easy to find one on Archicheq! Just filter the Florida architects based on the practice area you are looking for.

Find Architects with Suitable Experience

Archicheq offers details about the listed experts, like their qualifications and past projects. This helps you find an architect with suitable experience based on your need and budget.

Comparing Florida Architect Ratings

Check out Florida architect ratings on Archicheq to compare services offered by different professionals to pick the best option. Ratings on Archicheq help you make the perfect choice.

Connect with Architects for Design and Pricing

You have doubts and questions before you hire an architect. So, chat with the architect right here, get them to answer your doubts, hear their ideas and get an estimate of project pricing. Match your needs before you make a choice.

Review Florida Architects

Deciding on an architect gets simpler when you read others’ experiences and the ratings they share on Archicheq. You can also review the architect you hire.

Architecture in Florida

There’s more to Florida than the fascinating Walt Disney World and pristine beaches. There are some incredible architectural wonders to look out for. Florida's St. Augustine is an important example of early colonial architecture. The Tampa Museum of Art is a modern masterpiece and the Dalí Museum with its unique glass triangles and concrete structure is another iconic building. Some of the most historical and luxurious hotels are also present here, like the Biltmore Hotel, with its terra cotta and stucco features and the Mediterranean style which is a feast to the eyes and offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Marketing for architects is made easy, as clients can directly connect with licensed architects, helping professionals get qualified leads.