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Get guided by expert commercial architects for your next architectural venture.

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Get guided by expert commercial architects for your next architectural venture.

Discover Illinois architects to create quality designs for your residential, commercial and other projects. Find licensed architects in Illinois on Archicheq and connect with them directly through your user profile.

Illinois Architects

New Building Architect

Jeremy Totten

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Commercial Architect

Victor Lew

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Residential Architect

Scott Gustafson

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Charles R Newman

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Timothy D Neuman

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Jeffrey Paul Nelson

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Best Way to Hire an Architect

If you’re looking for an architect, then you can follow these steps to find architects with the right skills.

Create Project & Get Proposals

Post a project with a brief of your requirement and some images. This will attract proposals from architects near you.

Find Architects & Firms

Review architectural bids you receive on your project, or search this Architect directory to find architects near you.

Explore Architect Profiles

You can study architect profiles--work experience, past projects, client ratings to find a suitable professional.

Hire an Architect

Connect with professionals directly on Archicheq to assess and hire an architect that can offer you value.

Pay Safely

Set up an Escrow account to pay for project milestones or in lump sum, ensuring safe payments.

Review Architect

Upon project completion, review your architect to build goodwill and help other clients make the right choice.

The best way to hire an architect is by comparing architects and the bids you receive for your design projects.

How to Shortlist Architects

To shortlist an architect for residential, commercial, renovation, remodeling and other design projects, here’re a few steps:

Location & License

Search by location of your project and license location of architects to find someone qualified to help you.

Work Experience

Study the work experience of your architects to identify the skills that you can leverage for your products.

Past Projects

Explore past projects for shortlisted architects to assess which architect can help you accomplish your design needs.

Rating & Reviews

Study client rating and reviews of shortlisted architects to find a professional that offers quality services.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with architects by sending them direct messages through Archicheq. This is your one stop to find the right professional.

Request Bids

Request bids from architects who seem like the right fit. No strings attached, get a quick service and price bid from architects.

Hiring Architects - FAQs

Here’re top questions clients have when they hire architects.

Benefits of Hiring Architects in Illinois Architects

Understanding the project

Illinois Architects connect with the client and take a brief of the project. Costs, design and building regulation requirements, permissions, etc. are discussed. Architects utilize planning, research and strategies to make the most of your space, while sticking to the budget.

Trained for Designing

Illinois architects facilitate a process of designing that’s meticulous and creative—from a finalized floor plan, to drawing rough sketches and sharing 3D images of the project. If you are hiring an architect, their sense of creativity will transform your space like never before.

Save time and get help with materials

An Illinois architect will have the knowledge and expertise to know what’s to be done and how it will be done, so no time gets wasted. They know about a variety of materials that are latest, cost-effective, sustainable, etc., and they may often help you procure materials at the best prices.

Effective Supervision

Effective supervision will lead to a successful project with reduction in errors, and will help stay on the budget. They can handle contractor–client disputes, and reduce your stress. An Illinois architect will communicate and coordinate with other workers and contractors in the team and will ensure that the design is interpreted properly.

Find Illinois Architects on Archicheq

Filter Archicheq Directory by Illinois

You can find the best Illinois architects based on your location or the city. To pick the type of result you want, the Geo-filter feature of Archicheq allows you to customize your search.

Filter Architects by Practice Area

Architects on Archicheq are listed with their special expertise in key areas. You can filter your search to find the kind of architect you need. Our extensive directory gives you the ease of finding an ideal Illinois architect for redesigning, landscaping, addition, commercial, residential, office, and other projects.

Find Architects with Suitable Qualifications

It is wise to check the experience of the architects before you make the right choice. So, know your chosen Illinois architects by browsing their past projects on Archicheq.

Comparing Illinois Architects Ratings

Check out Illinois architects’ ratings on Archicheq. Narrow down your choices from the elaborate directory of professional architects by comparing their ratings in different service areas.

Connect with Architects for Design and Pricing

You can hire Illinois architects that have a sense of artistry and innovation in design. Connect with the architects on Archicheq by creating a user profile, discuss your design and determine your budget.

Review Illinois Architects

Read other reviews of all listed architects before you make your choice. Moreover, you can also review the architect you hire.

Architecture in Illinois

Besides lots of things that make Illinois famous architecture is definitely one of them. The Illinois State Capitol is one of the grandest buildings to see, with a variety of styles including Greek Revival architecture and Renaissance Revival architecture. The Dana Thomas House is an extraordinarily sophisticated architectural landmark that is influenced by the Prairie School aesthetic. The Wrigley Building with its Spanish Colonial Revival design, Richard J. Daley Center an outstanding example of architecture, the striking Godfrey Hotel with its unique facade make some of the modernist, mid-century modern marvels of Illinois.

Architects and architectural firms can create stellar architect profiles on Archicheq to share their best work to attract suitable clients.