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Get guided by expert commercial architects for your next architectural venture.

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Best Way to Hire an Architect | How to Shortlist Architects | Hiring Architects - FAQs

Get guided by expert commercial architects for your next architectural venture.

Archicheq hosts a list of architects in Michigan with their license info, ratings, reviews, project experience, etc. Find the best Michigan architects for your project after exploring architect profiles and connecting with architects on Archicheq.

Michigan Architects

Residential Architect

Scott Gustafson

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Craig Charles Nicely

0 Reviews

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Barbara Joann Musial

0 Reviews

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Derrick Jason Mroz

0 Reviews

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No Review given to this architect


Seth Patrick Morrison

0 Reviews

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No Review given to this architect


Mark Morganroth

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Best Way to Hire an Architect

If you’re looking for an architect, then you can follow these steps to find architects with the right skills.

Create Project & Get Proposals

Post a project with a brief of your requirement and some images. This will attract proposals from architects near you.

Find Architects & Firms

Review architectural bids you receive on your project, or search this Architect directory to find architects near you.

Explore Architect Profiles

You can study architect profiles--work experience, past projects, client ratings to find a suitable professional.

Hire an Architect

Connect with professionals directly on Archicheq to assess and hire an architect that can offer you value.

Pay Safely

Set up an Escrow account to pay for project milestones or in lump sum, ensuring safe payments.

Review Architect

Upon project completion, review your architect to build goodwill and help other clients make the right choice.

The best way to hire an architect is by comparing architects and the bids you receive for your design projects.

How to Shortlist Architects

To shortlist an architect for residential, commercial, renovation, remodeling and other design projects, here’re a few steps:

Location & License

Search by location of your project and license location of architects to find someone qualified to help you.

Work Experience

Study the work experience of your architects to identify the skills that you can leverage for your products.

Past Projects

Explore past projects for shortlisted architects to assess which architect can help you accomplish your design needs.

Rating & Reviews

Study client rating and reviews of shortlisted architects to find a professional that offers quality services.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with architects by sending them direct messages through Archicheq. This is your one stop to find the right professional.

Request Bids

Request bids from architects who seem like the right fit. No strings attached, get a quick service and price bid from architects.

Hiring Architects - FAQs

Here’re top questions clients have when they hire architects.

Benefits of Hiring Architects in Michigan

Trained Designer

The trained Michigan architect can help design a functional yet comfortable place for you. If you are hiring an architect, their knowledge, skills, and sense of creativity will be worth it. An architect is trained to guide you on the elements of design, be it breaking a wall, building house or redoing a room.


Michigan architects will run you through the architectural processes that go into building any home and then prepare a preliminary design plan, followed by detailed floor plans and 3D models. They create unique designs with their experience and also implement solutions for challenges in the project.

Coordination with the team

Architects collaborate with the team, including the contractor, interior designer, and whoever else is involved in bringing the project to completion. Architects step in at the right time, as and when needed. They focus on the end product and work in coordination with all the relevant team members from the start to finish.

Get the best material and deals

The architects know where to get what and for how much. They simplify the process of sourcing material and will find you the finest in your budget. Moreover, they are experts in the construction process, understanding materials and finishes, details and craftsmanship.

Find Michigan Architects on Archicheq

Filter Archicheq Directory by Michigan

Architects who know their area best will be worth investing on and Archicheq enables you to find Michigan architects near you. The geo-filter feature can help customize to get results for your particular city or region.

Filter Architects by Practice Area

With an abundance of architects all over the web, on Archicheq you can simply filter your search and get the best Michigan architects near you. Let us help you to find the perfect architect that suits your needs right in your vicinity.

Find Architects with Suitable Qualifications

Archicheq offers details about the licensed architects in Michigan, like their design experiences and past projects. This helps you find a Michigan architect with the most suitable experience for your project.

Comparing Michigan Architect Ratings

An added feature is the rating provided on Archicheq for making the perfect choice. Compare ratings of various architects in your area and find it easier to shortlist your kind of Michigan professional.

Connect with Architects for Design and Pricing

Chat with the architects right there, know their design approach and understand the process before you make a choice. It would give you some sense of the architect's expertise, and ultimately help you to make the best choice.

Review Michigan Architects

Finally, you can review the architect who you work with on your project. Others can benefit from your experience when looking for a Michigan architect.

Architecture in Michigan

Across Michigan there are plenty of impressive examples of great architecture—buildings in the classy cities and university towns to historic villages, coastal communities. Belle Isle Conservatory was inspired by the conservatory from the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, is one of the most beautiful examples of Victorian beach resorts. Eli and Edythe Broad Museum of Art at Michigan State University, is a geometric perfection with its exterior of pleated stainless steel. The unique design of the Delta College Planetarium and Learning Center appreciates the application of astronomy and space exploration.

Architects can market their work on Archicheq and gain qualified leads.